A Case Study Of A Traditional Herbal Tea


Divid Ho, Ho Yan Hor Ltd. Co. 30010 Ipoh. Malaysia


Trends in Traditional Medicine Research, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Use of Traditional Medicine & Other Natural Products in Health Care




Traditional Chinese Medicine , Ho Yan Hor Herbal tea, history, manufacture, marketing.


Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed from a pool of knowledge built up over thousands of years. Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea is an example of how this traditional knowledge has been combined with modern technology. The tea was developed about 45 years ago and was originally marketed by traditional means. Over the last decade the production and marketing of the tea have been modernised. Modern technology in the form of mechanised production and quality control methods have been applied. This has resulted in a product of consistently high quality which can be produced in large quantities. Modern management principles have been adopted to improve the efficiency of production. Modern marketing methods have also been applied. This has resulted in improved presentation of the product which now appeals to a wider range of buyers. The end result is a highly presentable product of consistent quality which has gained a wide acceptance as a simple remedy for a number of common complaints.