Effect Of Flavonoids From Orthosiphon stamineus And Malphigia coccigera On The In Vitro Growth Of Calcium Oxalate Crystal In Human Urine


Temumen Arebi. Zhari Ismail, Norhayati Ismail, School of Pharmaceutical Science Untversiti Sains Malaysia 11800 Minden. Penang


Trends in Traditional Medicine Research, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Use of Traditional Medicine & Other Natural Products in Health Care




Orthosiphon stamineus, Malpighia coccigera, flavonoids, kidney stone.


An investigation on the effects of plant flavonoids isolated from Orthosiphon stamineus and Malpighia coccigera on the in vitro growth of calcium oxalate crystals in normal and stone former urine was attempted. The two plants were traditionally used in condition related to kidney diseases. Schneider's gel slide method was modified to measure the rate of calcium oxalate crystal growth by measuring the size area of individual crystals using the Quantimet Image Analysis technique at a determined time. All the flavonoids studied showed its ability to inhibit the growth of calcium oxalate crystals in stone former urine as compared to inhibitors like magnesium chloride and sodium citrate. Kaempferol showed greater ability to inhibit crystal growth as compared to its glycoside and 3',5-dihydroxy,4',6,7trimethoxy flavone.