The Effect Of Essential Oil Of Temukunci (Boesenbergai pandurata (Roxb.) Schlecht) On Calcium Kidney Stone Solubility In Vitro


Ediati Sasmito, Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta Indonesia.


Trends in Traditional Medicine Research, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Use of Traditional Medicine & Other Natural Products in Health Care




Calcium kidney stone, essential oil of Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schlecht.


One of various diseases known for a long time ago was kidney stone. There are a lot of plants or parts of them stated to be able to cure the kidney stone diseases in Indonesia. One of them is the rhizome of Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schletch. This research aims to study the content of essential oil from the rhizome of Boesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schlecth that has maximum ability to solubilize calcium kidney stone. The kidney stones, obtained from surgery, were analyzed by infrared spectrophotometry to be calcium kidney stones. The essential oil used was obtained by hydrodistillation of the plant's petroleum ether extract. The study was done by soaking powdered kidney stones (+ 150 mg) in 10.0 ml essential oil solution of five different concentrations at 37 °C for one hour. The determination of soluble calcium in essential oil was done by using the atomic absorption spectrophotometer at 422.7 nm. The results of the soluble calcium determination at 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.2, and 2.0 % essential oil are 3.62 + 0.054; 7.13 + 0.044; 12.52 + 0.037; 13.43 + 0.049; 7.12 + 0.035 ppm respectively. It can he concluded that the content of essential oil 1.2 % has the maximum ability to solubilize calcium kidney stone.