Human Health In The 21st Century:Perspectives From Gender-Specific Medicine


Professor Maryanne J Legato, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University College oF Physicians & Surgeons; Director of The Partnership For Gender Specific Med at Colombia University, USA


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




healthcare, gender-specific medicine , evidence-based


An expanding interest in and respect for the importance of women's health has been an important force in modern medicine since the second World War. This talk will trace the changes in healthcare in the over the past century and, drawing an experience from the United State, will explain how these system of healthcare and clinical investigation is integrating new data about the differences in men and women's normal function and in their unique experience of the same diseases into practice. We now face the important question of whether or not gender-specific medicine is a substantive and important enough discipline to justify the way in which we care for patients. We will describe an unique new venture,support by the private sector, in which we will test whether or not practising gender-specific medicine according to evidence-based state of the art information about the differences between men and women will make a significant positive impact on patient morbidity and mortality.