Traditional Skin And Hair Care Systems: Are We Losing Them?


Dr. Vineet Kaur, Vineet Skin Institute Laxmi Complex, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi 221010, India


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




skin and hair care, traditional health care system, home remedies, herbal products


In spite of the constantly improving technology and increasing influence of market forces, a significant proportion of the population in the developing world choose age old recipes for day to day skin and hair care. These remedies might not have gone through the rigors of double blind randomised controlled trials; nevertheless, they are deeply rooted in the fabric of society and have stood the test of time. Four hundred female patients attending a private dermatology clinic in Varanasi, India were interviewed. They were asked about day to day skin and hair care routines they used for maintenance and enhancement of the health of these organs. The age range of the respondents varied from 15 - 70 years. The study revealed that 24% used only home made preparations, 65% used one or more over- the- counter skin/hair care products along with home remedies, while 11% used cosmeceutical products exclusively. Details of home remedies used will be discussed. The ever increasing invasion of the cosmeceutical industry in the garb of "herbal" products will also be highlighted. Suggestions will be made with regard to ways of preserving our rich traditional health care system