Evaluation Of Channa Striatus (Ikan Haruan- An Asian Species Of Fish) In Wound Healing


Saringat Hj Baie, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Minden Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




Channa stiatus (haruan), wound healing, amino acids, collagen fibres, glycine, aspartic acids, glutamic acid


Channa stiatus (haruan), a fresh water snake head has long been consumed for it putative effects on wound healing. Biochemical components such as amino acids and fatty acids are important for the synthesis of collagen fibres during wound healing. Haruan (C. striatus) contains all the essential amino acids for wound healing particularly glycine as well as high contents of polysaturated fatty acids like arachidonic which can regulate prostaglandin synthesis and hence induce wound healing. Besides arachidonic acids certain amino acids like glycine, aspartic and glutamic acid are also known to play an important role in the wound healing process. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the wound healing effect of 'haruan' extract formulated as palm-oil based creams using rat models.