A Vietnamese Herbal Anti-Aging (HHKV) With Anti-Oxidative Activity


Tran Van Hien, National Hospital of Traditional Medicine, 29 Nguyen binh Khiem Street, Hanoi,Vietnam


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




herbal product, anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-oxidative activity


Ageing is a progress which involves the accumulation of changes which can be attributed to genetic defects, diseases and also the inborn ageing process. Many pathological conditions are associated with this progress, including neural and immune system degeneration. Antioxidants may delay ageing or restrict the oxidative – induced injuries during ageing process. HHKV is a herbal product with a potential antioxidant activity. The study was conducted as an open clinical trial in women, aged between 60 and 85 years old. Improvement of some clinical manifestations and biological indices were observed. The film-coated tablets HHKV (500 mg) were given to patients at dose of 4 tablets per day, for 60 days. The application of the drug helped to improve appetite, sleeping, to reduce some symptoms of deficiency of cerebral blood circulation. Memory tests were examined (including tests of directions, identification, calculation and linguistic), only two tests of calculation and linguistic were found positively. Headache improved in 90% of cases, backaches improved in 35%, fatigue and poor memory improved in 60% of cases. Blood lipid levels reduced, cholesterol lowered form 275.19 ¿ 42.07 to 234.28+-40.20 (p<0.01), triglyceride reduced from 270. 17 +-178.07 to 234.21+-164.91 (P<0.05). The HHKV drug enhanced the immune response by evidences of increasing immune-responsible cells and increasing their blast transformation functions with LTT test, stimulation index (SI) increased from 31+-24.1 on day 0 to 40.7+-32.9 on day 60 (p<0.001). The oxidative status improved may be contributed to health beneficial effects of the HHKV product. The serum MDA level (a maker of oxidative stress) was decreased significantly from 5.19+-0.95 mmol/l to 3.29 mmol/l after 60 days of treatment.