Revaluing Traditional Knowledge


Assunta Hunter, ACCMER , 62 Clarence St, East Brunswick Melbourne , 3057 Australia


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




women's health, traditional medicine, valuing traditional knowledge, complementary medicine


Western and eastern women have different attitudes to and beliefs about, traditional medicine and traditional knowledge. What is the traditional medicine of the western world and who are its practitioners? How is women’s involvement with traditional medicine as healers, as consumers and as ‘bearers’ of traditional knowledge similar in Eastern and Western societies and how does it differ. What is the effect of the ‘muting’ of traditional knowledge and how does this influence the practice of traditional medicine in modern western culture? How does the de-valuing of traditional knowledge and traditional medicine effect both western and Eastern women? This paper will explore women’s use of complementary medicine in the western world and compare it with the use of traditional medicine in the East. It will explore historical aspects of women’s use of traditional medicine and discuss the devaluing of traditional knowledge and traditional medicine in both the east and the west.