Labisia pumila var alata or Kacip Fatimah -A Traditional Malay Herb for Women's Health


Dr Wan Nazaimoon Wan Mohamud, Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




Labisia pumila var alata, ' Kacip Fatimah', Traditional Malay Herb , women's health


The Study of Kacip Fatimah (SKAF) is an IRPA (Intensified Research in Priority Areas) “Topdown Prioritized Research” fully-funded by the National Biotechnology Directorate (NBD) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia.  This 3-year project was approved in March 2002, and its main objective is to determine the effects of Kacip Fatimah on women’s health.   The SKAF team is made-up of researchers from various research institutions and universities, identified based on their areas of expertise.  They are grouped according to their roles and contributions to the overall project; • Prof Mashitah Yusoff of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, is in charge of preparing and chemical-profiling the standardized water extract, • Ms Zainon Abu Samah from Forest Research Institute Malaysia looks into the aspect of agrotechnology for commercial planting, • Dr Siti Amrah Sulaiman of Universiti Sains Malaysia Kubang Kerian (USM) and Dr Noral Ashikin of the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) conduct experiments on animal models to ensure that the extract is safe for human consumption, • Dr Wan Nazaimoon Wan Mohamud of IMR functions as the Programme Head of SKAF, overseeing the overall running of the program as well as conducts various cell-based assays and animal models to obtain scientific evidence and data needed before permission to conduct clinical trials can be given.  • Clinical trial teams from USM (Prof Wan Mohamad Wan Bebakar, Dr Nik Hazlina and Dr Azidah),  UKM (Assoc Prof Dr Nor Azmi Kamaruddin, Dr Norlela Sukor) and IMR (Dr Wan Nazaimoon)  Selected members from above teams will present their work