The Impact Of Integrative Medicine On Woman's Reproductive Health


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1st International Conference & Exhibition on Women's Health & Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine




integrative medicine; woman's reproductive health;proopiomelanocortin; neuropepide Y; life network


Well experienced in the clinical-experimental-further clinical studies of integrative medicine in obstetrics and gynaecology for nearly forty-five years, ideas that prevent and treat disease is based on the regulation of life network were clearly recognized by the author. Moreover, this idea is also the shortcut of the study on reproductive medicine for woman, which may be explained with 5 of the author's worldwide known academic works. Study on induction of ovulation with acupuncture showed the relationship between circulating estrogen and central β-endorphin, and the release and depletion of central β-endorphin resulting in release of anRH and ovulation. Thus main candidate for this acupuncture is found to be the pubertal dysfunctional uterine bleeding; it also sheds light on the treatment of anorexia nervosa. The successful treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) with herbal formula. Yu's.Tonifying Recipe in tonifying the Kidney and resolving the phlegm property was found to be related to the elevation of serum FSH resulted in ovulation. Good result was shown in hyperinsulinemia pattem of PCOS treating with Tiangui Recipe (TGR) in replenishing the Kidney and activating the blood property. Study on the patients and the animal modal, TGR was found to decrease peripheral androgen and insulin levels leading to central regulation on proopiomelanocortin neuropeptide Y  leptin receptor etc, regulation on neuro-endocrine-metabolic network, resulting in ovulation and reducing body weight. With more work, new classification of PCOS was suggested. An effective formula Ge ngnianchun Recipe for women with postmenopausal syndrome was found to increase estrogen receptors (ER) and ERmRNA in the hypothalamus and peripheral organs and to playa regulation on neuro-endocrine-immune-metabolic network in patients and aging rats. Formula Gongtai  showed excellent controlling effect on menorrahgia under the mechanism of regulating endometrial prostagladins. Also successful herbal treatment in endometriosis showed links between neuro-endocrine and pas. Samples mentioned above indicates that illness is the disorder of some key-links in the life network of the patient which may affect by factors from the environment, and this idea is different from the Ideas m TCM and biomedicine. This Idea indicates woman -in subclinical health state has already got something incontrollable in her life network, and also inspires the ideas in treating and preventing woman's disease, anew impact on woman's reproductive health protection.