Jamu Used For Women's Health Care In Indonesia


N.Bermawie, N.N. Kristina and H. Nurhayati, Indonesia Medicinal and Aromatic Crops Research Institute (IMACRI) Jalan Tentara Pelajar (Cimanggu) No. 3, Bogor 16111, Indonesia


Proceedings of the Women's Health And Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine II Conference




Jamu, medicinal plants, Zingiberaceae, Piperaceae, women's health.


The use of jamu to cure diseases, maintain and improve health condition have been practiced by many ethnics in Indonesia and the knowledge inherited from generation to generation. A study on the indigenous knowledge on the use of medicinal herbs for woman's health care was undertaken by interviewing traditional healers, old people of Dayak, Sundanese and Javanese ethnics and by studying the commercial jamu products, which are sold door to door in traditional way (jamu gendong). Many jamu nowadays are produced for women healthcare. The most common medicinal plants used in the jamu are from Zingiberaceae such as Zingiber officinale, Z. aromaticum, Curcuma domestica, C xanthorrhiza, C. heyneana, Kaempferiagalang, etc, and Piperaceae such as Piper betle, P. retrofractum. Other medicinal plants which are also commonly used in the jamu prescriptions for woman health's care are Ficus deltoidea, Parameria barbata, Andrographis paniculata, Pluchea indica, Areca catechu, Carica papaya, Elephantopus scaber, etc. This paper describes utilization of the plant species and ways of using plants for woman's health care.