Oriental Medicine for Dysmenorrhea


Kyung-Sub Lee*, Jun-Bock Jang**, Jung-Hoon Cho**, * Dept of Women Clinic, KangNam KyungHee Korean Hospital, Seoul, Korea, ** Dept. of Oriental Gynecology, KyungHee Oriental Hospital, Seoul, Korea


Proceedings of the Women's Health And Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine II Conference




Oriental Medicine (Chiljehyangbuhwan), Primary Dysmenorrhea


Dysmenorrhea is a common gynecologic complaint. After their first menstrual period, 30-60% of American women suffer from some level of discomfort. Dysmenorrhea is not only a problem for women but also affects the quality of life and even reduces national productivity. To evaluate the efficacy of oriental medicine for dysmenorrhea, especially for the primary dysmenorrhea, we treated women without organic diseases with Chiljehyangbuhwan, a prescription for various problems related with menstruation. We recruitted fifty patients who visited Kyung Hee University Oriental Medical Center from July, 2004 to August, 2004. Women with organic diseases such as uterine myoma, ovarian cyst and pelvic inflammatory disease were excluded from this study. We treated them with Chiljehyangbuhwan for one menstrual cycle. To evaluate the severity of dysmenorrhea!, we used unidimensional and multidimensional scale. From this study, we could confirm that Chiljehyangbuhwan significantly decreased the severity percent of dysmenorrhea. Furthermore Chiljehyangbuhwan had an effect on dysmenorrhea for next menstrual cycle without taking the drug. Chiljehyangbuhwan did not show hepatic and renal virulence.