Indonesian Indigenous Medicine For Relieving Dysmenorrhoea


Sidik, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jatinangar Campus, Padjadjaran University, Bandung 40600 Indonesia


Proceedings of the Women's Health And Asian Traditional (WHAT) Medicine II Conference




Jamu, dysmenorrhoea, turmeric [Curcuma domestica L.), tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) , ginger (Zingiber officinalis L.), research, standardization,clinical trial


Jamu is the Indonesian term for Indonesian indigenous medicine usually prepared from herbal materials. Even where modern medicine is readily available, a large portion of the population still depends heavily on jamu. It is estimated that 20%- 30 % of Indonesian people traditionally maintain their health by regularly consuming jamu. In addition to being used as medicine to cure illness, jamu are used to prevent disease and promote and maintain health, beauty care, regulating menstruation and loosing weight. One of the popular jamu is for regulating menstruation consisting mainly of turmeric [Curcuma domestica L.), tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) and ginger {Zingiber officinalis L.) This formulation is one of the well known Indonesian indigenous medicine to relieve dysmenorrhoea. Formerly it was produced as home industry, to day this preparation produced industrially, standardized product, and has passed preclinical, toxicity test and clinical trial. One bottle of preparation (150 ml) consists of 150 mg curcuminoid and 40 ml of volatile oil. Preclinical test showed that the preparation is good as analgetic and antibacterial. Toxicity test showed that the preparation is safe. From clinical trial this preparation is good to relieve dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea and body odour.