Adenia cordifolia (Blume) Engl.

Adenia cordifolia (Blume) Engl.




Adenia obtusa (Blume) Engl., Adenia populifolia auct. non (Blume) Engl.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Akar kail, akar kelipunang (Peninsular).
Indonesia Areuy babaling-bingan, areuy calingcing (Sundanese), laying-layang (Kedayan).

Geographical Distributions

Its distribution is throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Western Java, Borneo and the Philippines (Palawan).


This is a liana species, which can reach up to 20 m long.

The leaves are entire, rounded to deeply heart-shaped but not peltate at the base. The leaf is with 2 glands on deeply hollowed auricles at the apex of the petiole while the auricles are separated from the leaf blade.

The flowers are tubiform-urn-shaped and connate sepals with erect lobes while the corona is absent.

Fruit is ellipsoid-oblong to spindle-shaped.

Ecology / Cultivation

A. cordifolia occurs both in scrub and forest vegetation, also in peat swamp forest, up to 1200 m altitude.

Line Drawing / Photograph



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