Alchornea rugosa (Lour.) Müll. Arg.

Alchornea rugosa (Lour.) Müll. Arg.




Alchornea javanensis (Blume) Backer & Bakh.f.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Julong jantan, akar serimbong, rabu kumbang (Peninsular).
Indonesia Kedung leutik, ki bewok (Sundanese), drejeg (Javanese).
Philippines Aguioi (Tagalog).
Thailand Khaangpoi (central), sa maakfai (Loei), dap yaang (Chiang Mai).
Vietnam B[oj] n[ej]t, dom d[os]m.

Geographical Distributions

Its distribution is from Burma (Myanmar), Indo-China, southern China and Thailand, throughout Malesia, to Australia (Queensland).


It is a shrub or small, usually many-stemmed tree that is up to 10 m tall.

The leaves are wedge-shaped-obovate, pinnately veined with very short petiole and exstipulate.

The male inflorescence is terminal and branched while the female is simply raceme-like.

Ecology / Cultivation

A. rugosa occurs in primary and secondary, evergreen and deciduous forest up to 1000 m altitude. It is one of the most common shrubs of Euphorbiaceae in Malesia.

Line Drawing / Photograph



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