Nervilia aragoana Gaudich.

Nervilia aragoana Gaudich.




Pogonia flabelliformis Lindley, Aplostellis flabelliformis (Lindley) Ridley.

Vernacular Names

Malaysia Daun sa-helai sa-tahun, daun satu tahun (Peninsular).
Thailand Phaen din yen (Chiang Rai), waan phra chim (Bangkok).
Vietnam Ch[aa]n tr[aa]u xanh, thanh thi[ee]n q[uf]y, Ian c[owf].

Geographical Distributions

N. aragoana is found in Nepal, Bhutan, eastern India, Burma (Myanmar), Indo-China, southern China, Taiwan, southern Japan, Thailand, throughout the Malaysian region, islands in the Pacific Ocean and northern Australia.


This is a small herb where its leaf is kidney-shaped, deeply heart-shaped at the base, smooth and often dark violet that blotched when young. The inflorescence is up to 20-flowered. Flowers are with tepals, about 1.5 cm long, lip is slightly shorter, usually with distinct side lobes, more or less hairy especially along the 2 lateral veins and yellowish-white in colour.

Ecology / Cultivation

N. aragoana is a variable species. It occurs in different types of forest, also in bamboo forest, in Java up to 1200 m altitude. (1)

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