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Alternanthera sessilis (L.) A.DC

Alternanthera sessilis (L.) A.DC




Alternanthera triandra Lamk, Alternanthera denticulate R.Br., Alternanthera nodiflora R.Br.

Vernacular Names


Keremak, pudoh, kermak bukit.


Kremek (Sundanese), bayem kremah (Javanese), daun tolod (Moluccas).


Bunga-bunga (Tagalog), bilanamanut (Magindanao), gogoat (Bontok).


Chë:ng bângko:ng (Kompong Thom).


Khaix ped, phak ph'ê:w (Louang Prabang), nê: ti:d kho:x (Vientiane).


Phakpet khaao, phakpet thai.


Rau d[eej]u (General).

Geographical Distributions

Alternanthera sessilis is distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics of America, Africa and Asia; and also throughout Malaysia.


Alternanthera sessilis is a perennial but sometimes annual herb that can grow up to 1 m tall. It is erect, ascending or creeping, often widely branched, with robust taproot, solid stems, sometimes floating in water and then fistulose in lower part and with smooth hairs.

The leaves are linear-lance-shaped, oblong to ovate or obovate, measuring 1-15 cm x 0.5-3 cm, and hairless or sparsely hairy. The petiole is 1-5 mm long. 

Its flowering heads are sessile with 1-veined tepals or only 3-veined at the very base, shiny white or purplish. The filaments are united at base into a very short cup.

The fruit is obreniform, corky and measures about 2 mm long. 

Ecology / Cultivation

Alternanthera sessilis is a very common plant of constant or periodically humid, open localities in roadsides, gardens, ditches, swamps, rice fields and tea plantations, and can be found up to 1250 m altitude.

Line Drawing / Photograph


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  1) Safety


  1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No.12(1):Medicinal and poisonous plants 1.

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