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Combretum sundaicum Miq.

Combretum sundaicum Miq.





Vernacular Names


Akar gambir­gambir (Malay), sungsung ayer (West Kaliman­tan), bayit jaha (Lampung, Sumatra).


Ch[uw]n b[aaf] sun da, tr[aa]m b[aaf]u sun da.

Geographical Distributions

Combretum sundaicum is distributed from Indo-China, (peninsular) Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia to Sumatra and Borneo.


Combretum sundaicum is climbing shrub or liana can grow up to 30 m. Its young branches are densely ferruginous-scaly and nearly hairless.

The leaves are arranged opposite, broadly elliptical, measure 6-12(-15) cm x 3-7(-10) cm, rounded or wedge-shaped at base, mostly acuminate at apex, initially densely scaly, with petiole up to 2 cm long and rather slender.

The inflo­rescence is in terminal panicles of head-like spikes or racemes. The flowers are 4-merous, subsessile and with sparsely pubescent receptacles. The lower receptacle is 3 mm long and densely scaly while the upper receptacle 5 mm long is narrowly tubular and somewhat expanding at the apex. The petals are obovate to suborbicular and greenish white. The pseudocarp is suborbicular, measures 2.5-3 cm x 2-2.5 cm, with 4 thin flexible wings which are up to 1.5 cm broad .

Ecology / Cultivation

Combretum sundaicum is found in open bush vegetations and forest margins from sea level up to 250 m altitude.

Line Drawing / Photograph



  1. Plant Resources of South-East Asia No.12(2): Medicinal and poisonous plants 2.

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