Amomum hochreutineri Valeton

Amomum hochreutineri Valeton





Vernacular Names

Indonesia Kihitir, cacabutan (Sundanese).

Geographical Distributions

Amomum hochreutineri is very locally grown in western Java.


Amomum hochreutineri is a medium-sized herb that can grow up to 100 cm tall. It is with stout and long rhizome, whitish, measures up to 1 cm thick, slender and with red leafy stems.

The leaves are lance-shaped with the larger ones measuring 55-70 cm x 7.5-9 cm.

The inflorescence is ascending, hardly raised above the ground, measures up to 30 cm long, few-flowered, with few bracts of up to 3.5 cm long, with 1-2 sterile, outer bracteoles about 2 cm long and hardly sheathing. The flowers are sessile and exserted from bracts. The sepal tube is about as long as sepal, with erect labellum, much exserted, white, greenish-yellow in the centre and red-streaked. The stamen is hardly shorter than petal. The anther is with 3-­lobed appendage.

The fruit is about 1.5 cm long, 9-12-­ribbed, with curled-crenate margins ribs that are white and with red stripes. 

Ecology / Cultivation

Amomum hochreutineri occurs in prima­ry lower montane forests at 1000-1400 m altitude.

Line Drawing / Photograph



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