Hypoglycemic activity of several seaweed extracts.


Lamela M, Anca J, Villar R, Otero J




J Ethnopharmacol


The hypoglycemic activity of several seaweed extracts on rabbits was studied. Ethanol extracts of Laminaria ochroleuca, Saccorhiza polyschides and Fucus vesiculosus were administered orally to normal animals and their effects on glycemia and triglyceridemia evaluated. Crude polysaccharides and protein solutions from Himanthalia elongata and Codium tomentosum were also assayed. Polysaccharides and proteins from H. elongata caused a significant reduction in blood glucose 8 h after intravenous administration. A case of 5 mg/kg of crude polysaccharide lowered glycemia about 18% in normal rabbits and by about 50% in alloxan-diabetic animals, while the protein solution lowered glycemia in diabetic rabbits by about 30%.