Inhibition of citrate lyase may aid aerobic endurance.


McCarty MF




Med Hypotheses


Owing to a substantial increase in glucose uptake by working muscle, glucose homeostasis during sustained aerobic exercise requires a severalfold increase in hepatic glucose output. As exercise continues and liver glycogen declines, an increasing proportion of this elevated glucose output must be provided by gluconeogenesis. Increased gluconeogenic efficiency in trained individuals is a key adaptation promoting increased endurance, since failure of hepatic glucose output to keep pace with muscle uptake rapidly leads to hypoglycaemia and exhaustion. Pre-administration of (-)- hydroxycitrate, a potent inhibitor of citrate lyase found in fruits of the genus Garcinia, may aid endurance during post-absorptive aerobic exercise by promoting gluconeogenesis. Carnitine and bioactive chromium may potentiate this benefit. The utility of this technique may be greatest in exercise regimens designed to promote weight loss.