Role of bittergourd fruit juice in stz-induced diabetic state in vivo and in vitro.


Sitasawad SL, Shewade Y, Bhonde R




J Ethnopharmacol


The aqueous juice of bittergourd fruit (BF) (Momordica charantia L.) of the family Cucurbitaceae has been shown to possess hypoglycemic activity. However, the mechanism of its action is not known. Hence in vitro and in vivo experiments were carried out to study the role of BF juice on the diabetic status. The activity of BF juice was tested on STZ treated RIN cells and isolated islets in vitro. It was found that feeding with BF juice caused reduction in STZ-induced hyperglycemia in mice. It markedly reduced the STZ-induced lipid peroxidation in pancreas of mice, RIN cells and islets. Further it also reduced the STZ-induced apoptosis in RIN cells indicating the mode of protection of BF juice on RIN cells, islets and pancreatic beta-cells. Present study thus confirms hypoglycemic effect of BF juice and provides sufficient documentation to define its role and action for its potential and promising use in treating diabetes.