Sterols/Sterolins, the natural, nontoxic immunomodulators and their role in the control of rheumatoid arthritis.


Bouic PJD.




Arthritis Trust of America


A natural and non-toxic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other autoimmune diseases has been developed by Professor Bouic and his team from South Africa using the immunomodulatory properties of a group of plant fats known as sterols and sterolins. Research into RA has demonstrated it to be a disease characterized by dysregulation of the immune system in response to an initial infection or trauma. Overactivity of the immune system's B-cells which secrete antibodies attack and destroy the synovial tissues located in the joint. This overactivity is mediated by a group of T-helper cells known as Th2 CD4 cells which release pro-inflammatory communication molecules known as cytokines. These inflammatory cytokines are interleukin-1 (IL1), interleukin-6 (IL6) and Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-a) which have been found in extremely high concentrations in the joints of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. As well, it is thought that another group of T-helper cells known as Th1 which normally control the immune and inflammatory response are deficient or damaged in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Existing treatments employ highly toxic drugs to suppress the entire immune response of the body or to palliate pain and the inflammatory process without correcting the underlying immune dysfunction. Recent research into the plant fats, sterols and sterolins, has demonstrated these substances to effectively correct the underlying immune dysfunction characteristic to RA and the autoimmune diseases. A sterol/sterolin combination has been experimentally demonstrated to reduce the secretion of the pro-inflammatory cytokines controlled by the Th2 helper cells and to increase the number of Th1 cells which regulate the secretion of antibodies from the B cells. This selective activation and inhibition of the immune system results is an effective control of the dysfunctional autoimmune response. Sterols and sterolins are a normal part of a plant-based diet and may be missing in the modern diet which is typically high in processed food and animal fat and protein. A supplement containing extracts of sterols and sterolins may correct a dietary deficiency which has produced a number of autoimmune diseases thought to be incurable.