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Effect of large oral doses of ascorbic acid on uric acid excretion by normal subjects.


Mitch WE, Johnson MW, Kirshenbaum JM, Lopez RE




Clin Pharmacol Ther


The effects of large and oral doses of ascorbic acid on renal clearance and excretion of uric acid were studied in nongouty subjects because ascorbic acid has been reported to increase renal uric acid clearance. Our results indicate that 4 or 12 gm ascorbic acid taken in divided doses had no effect on serum uric acid concentration or uric acid excretion and clearance by the kidney. Reasons for these results, which differ from previous reports, are discussed. We quantitated the magnitude of the interference of ascorbic acid in the measurement of uric acid by the nonspecific methods frequently used, since falsely elevated urine uric acid could lead to misinterpretation of screening tests.

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