Cancer of the prostate: influence of nutritional factors. General nutritional factors.


de la Taille A, Katz A, Vacherot F, Saint F, Salomon L, Cicco A, Abbou CC, Chopin DK.




Presse Med


OBESITY: Studies attempting to establish an epidemiological link between body mass index and the risk of cancer of the prostate have been contradictory. ENERGY INTAKE: No straightforward relationship between energy intake and cancer of the prostate has been identified. FAR INTAKE: According to epidemiology studies, there is a correlation between high-fat diet and the incidence of cancer of the prostate. It has thus been demonstrated that men whose diet contains more than 30 to 40% fat have a higher risk of developing cancer of the prostate than those whose diet contains less than 30% fat. In addition, high-fat diets favor progression of tumors in elderly subjects. ROLE OF SATURATED FAT: Saturated fat has been implicated most often in the development of cancer of the prostate, high intake being correlated with shorter survival after diagnosis of cancer.