Disorders of neutrophil function in children with recurrent pyogenic infections.


Patrone F, Dallegri F, Bonvini E




Med Microbiol Immunol (Berl)


Ten patients with neutrophil dysfunctions and recurrent pyogenic infections, mainly of the skin middle-ear, and respiratory tract, are described. The most frequently affected functions were chemotaxis and bacterial killing. Pharmacologic restoration of functional defects was tried in all cases. Levamisole was given in two cases and ascorbic acid in the other eight cases. During a follow up of at least 18 months, seven patients showed a complete restoration of neutrophil function and a long-lasting clinical remission. One of the two patients with Chronic Granulomatous Disease has been free from infections for 1 year, despite persistent neutrophil dysfunction, while the other did not display consistent clinical improvement. Another patient, who was given ascorbic acid for a short period only due to non compliance, showed neither laboratory nor clinical improvement.