Comparative studies on the anticonvulsant effectiveness of nootropic drugs in kindled rats


Schmidt J




Biomed Biochim Acta


In an attempt to characterize the anticonvulsant efficacy of nootropics, their effect on different types of kindled seizures in rats has been studied. Nootropics in doses known to have protective effects in damaged brain functions possess anticonvulsant potency preferentially in pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-kindled rats and generalized seizures. The most pronounced potency was seen in PTZ-kindled rats, where all substances tested (piracetam, meclofenoxate, pyritinol, vinpocetine, methylglucamine orotate, naftidrofuryl) led to significant dose-dependent anticonvulsant effects. In amygdala-kindled rats only vinpocetine, meclofenoxate and piracetam were effective. In neocortically kindled rats only vinpocetine and, to a smaller extent, pyritinol showed anticonvulsant effects. The data support the potential antiepileptic potency of nootropics.