Suppression of renal inflammation with vitamins A and E in ascending pyelonephritis in rats.


Bennett RT, Mazzaccaro RJ, Chopra N, Melman A, Franco I.




J Urol


PURPOSE: We evaluated the effects of vitamin A and E supplementation alone or in combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on the development of inflammation in an animal model of ascending pyelonephritis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ascending pyelonephritis was induced in adult rats by surgical bladder inoculation with P-pili-forming Escherichia coli. Treatment of pyelonephritic rats was initiated at 72 hours post-infection. Treatment groups included no treatment, or a five day regimen of antibiotic only, antibiotic plus vitamins A and E, or antibiotic, vitamins and either of two NSAIDs. Kidneys were harvested at six weeks post-infection and assessed for histopathologic inflammation. RESULTS: Antibiotic treatment of pyelonephritic rats with vitamins A and E alone or in combination with NSAIDs resulted in significantly less kidney inflammation, as compared with untreated rats or rats treated with antibiotic alone. There was no significant difference in inflammation between animals treated with vitamins alone or vitamins plus NSAIDs. CONCLUSIONS: Antibiotic therapy and diet supplementation with vitamins A and E can significantly reduce the inflammation associated with ascending pyelonephritis, suggesting a potential use in the medical management of reflux nephropathy in children.