Concentration of magnesium in serum and cerebrospinal fluid in patients with stroke


Borowik H, Pryszmont M




. Neurol Neurochir Pol


Magnesium concentration in blood serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) was determined in 131 patients aged from 21 to 91 years, with RIND, complete stroke, cerebral haemorrhage and control group. Magnesium was estimated by the use of colorimetry and the method of Mann and Yoe. The results are presented in figures. Statistical evaluations revealed significant decrease of magnesium concentrations in blood serum and CSF in ischaemic stroke compared with control group. In complete stroke significantly lower concentrations of magnesium in blood serum and CSF were found compared with RIND. In ischaemic stroke higher MgSER/MgCSF index was found compared with control group. Magnesium concentration in blood serum was not statistically different within 2 weeks of the disease. No relationships were found between blood serum or CSF Mg concentrations and gender or age.