Amelioration of Aminoglycoside Nephrotoxicity by Cordyceps sinensis in Old Patients


Bao ZD




Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi


The protective effect on aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity by Cordyceps sinensis in the old patient was observed. 21 old patients were randomly divided into two groups. Each group received amikacin sulfate for 6 days. In addition, group A was administered Cordyceps sinensis for 7 days and group B was given placebo. The results revealed that group A developed less prominent nephrotoxicity compared with group B as evidenced by less urinary nephro-aminoglycosidase (NAGase) and beta-microglobulin in group A than those in Group B. These results suggested that Cordyceps sinensis exerted a protective effect on aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity in the old patients.