Clinical experience of drug treatments for mastalgia.


Pye JK, Mansel RE, Hughes LE






Results of randomised trials and open studies in 291 patients with severe persistent breast pain in whom breast cancer had been excluded showed that drug therapy produced a good or useful result in 77% of those with cyclical mastalgia and 44% of those with non-cyclical mastalgia. In patients with cyclical mastalgia good or useful responses were obtained with danazol in 70%, with bromocriptine in 47%, and with evening-primrose oil in 45%. The equivalent response rates in patients with non-cyclical mastalgia were 31%, 20%, and 27% respectively. Progestagens were not effective in either group. Failure to respond to one drug did not preclude response to a different drug. Patients with Tietze's syndrome did not respond to drug therapy, but 7 out of 10 responded to injection of lignocaine and hydrocortisone around the affected costochondral junction.