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Effect of Chinese tea extract on the immune function of mice bearing tumor and their antitumor activity


Yan YS




Chung Hua Yu Fang I Hsueh Tsa Chih


The dynamic changes of cellular immune function and antitumor effect of GTE (green tea extract) in the BALB/c mice bearing EAC, HAC and S- 180 tumor were investigated. Results showed that intraperitoneal injection GTE daily dose of 80mg/kg stimulate the proliferation of T- Lymphocyte S-180 tumor bearing mice, the 125-IudR incorporation value (cpm) of control group was 932 and that of GTE treated group increased to 2988. The Natural Killer cell's activity (cpm) of treated group was raised from 10.7% of control group to 41%. Daily dose 50mg/kg inhibited the EAC, HAC and the life span of GTE mice bearing EAC ascites tumor prolonged 128%. The GTE were effective on growth activity against mouse Ehrlich tumor at a dose of 500mg/kg by oral administration (P less than 0.05), the inhibition ratio being about 32%. The authors suggested the mechanism of antitumor effects of GTE possible included both cellular immune function and the inhibition of tumor growth.

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