Iron prophylaxis in menorrhagia.


Arvidsson B, Ekenved G, Rybo G




Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand


Heavy menstrual bleedings frequently lead to iron deficiency. Iron supplementation is usually given to cover the increased losses. In the present study one tablet containing 100 mg of iron (Duroferon R, Durules R) was given daily for 10 days in connection with the menstrual period in 15 women with menorrhagia. The tablets contained 59 Felabelled FeSO4 and the total absorption was measured in a whole- body counter. The mean menstrual blood loss was 117 ml (range 46-259 ml), corresponding to 53 mg of iron (range 21-117 mg). The mean absorption was 81 mg (range 49-145 mg). Individually, 14 of 15 subjects absorbed more iron from the tablets than was lost by the menstrual bleedings. Thus, the iron prophylaxis as applied in the present study seems to be sufficient in most women with menorrhagia.