Effect of Momordica charantia (Karolla) extracts on fasting and postprandial serum glucose levels in NIDDM patients.


Ahmad N, Hassan MR, Halder H, Bennoor KS




Bangladesh Med Res Counc Bull


Effect of Momordica charantia, a bitter vegetable popularly known as Karolla, on fasting and post prandial (2 hours after 75 gm oral glucose intake) serum glucose levels were studied in 100 cases of moderate non-insulin dependent diabetic subjects. Drinking of the aqueous homogenized suspension of the vegetable pulp led to significant reduction (p < 0.001) of both fasting and post-prandial serum glucose levels. This hypoglycaemic action was observed in 86 (86%) cases. Five cases (5%) showed lowering of fasting serum glucose only.