Insulin-like molecules in Momordica charantia seeds.


Ng TB, Wong CM, Li WW, Yeung HW




J Ethnopharmacol


Decorticated Momordica charantia seeds were extracted and processed by a method which was developed originally for the purification of insect and annelid insulins. Essentially, the method entailed HCl-- ethanol extraction, neutralization with NH4OH, gel filtration on Sephadex G-50, ion exchange chromatography on CM Sepharose CL-6B and desalting on Sephadex G-10. Of the seven fractions collected, three fractions were obtained with antilipolytic and lipogenic activities in isolated adipocytes and one fraction with only lipogenic activity. The data indicate that molecules with insulin-like bioactivity are present in Momordica charantia seeds.