The effect of a nonspecific immunostimulant on the phagocytosis of erythrocytes and ink by the reticulohistiocyte system in the isolated, perfused liver of rats of various ages


Vomel T






By the help of the isolated perfused rat liver the influence of a non- specific immune stimulant on the phagocytic activity of Kupffer cells was tested. It was shown that the phagocytosis of colloidal ink is not influenced. The phagocytosis of erythrocytes is improved significantly by the treatment in young as well as in aged animals independent whether they were pretreated or not. These data, together with the behaviour of the liver function parameters, indicate a positive influence of the plant immunstimulant on the receptor- or immunoglobulin-dependent first phase of phagocytosis and, because of the redox quotients, an activation of the second phase of phagocytosis.