[Sugar-free diet as long-term or interval treatment in the remission phase of Crohn disease--a prospective study].


Brandes JW, Korst HA, Littman KP




Leber Magen Darm


20 patients with Crohn's disease were entered into a prospective study, after they had been submitted to standard treatment of the acute phase. In this study long term treatment or treatment between the acute relapses of the disease consisted in daily doses of 8 mg methylprednisolone and 3 mg salazosulfapyridine; in addition the diet was sugar-free and rich in fibers. When remission continued (activity index below 150 point) the drugs were stopped and only dietary treatment was continued. The course of the disease was followed by frequent endoscopic examinations and by determinations of the activity index according to Best. 16 patients were in remission after an average treatment period of 19.6+/-6.6 months without drugs only using the dietary regimen described. 4 cases relapsed after 7.5+/-4.3 months (activity index greater tha 150 points, intestinal ulcerations); they had to be treated again according to the acute phase standard treatment schedule. These results encourage further trials, where after 6 months of drug treatment the drugs are stopped, and only dietary treatment is continued during the remission phase.