Antidiabetic and hypolipidemic effects of Momordica cymbalaria Hook. fruit powder in alloxan-diabetic rats.


Rao BK, Kesavulu MM, Giri R, Appa Rao C




J Ethnopharmacol


This study was undertaken to investigate the effect of Momordica cymbalaria fruit powder on blood glucose and other biochemical parameters in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. The treatment was given for 15 days. After the treatment, a significant reduction was observed in fasting blood glucose levels in the treated diabetic rats, but no hypoglycaemic activity in the treated normal rats. M. cymbalaria treatment showed considerable lowering of serum cholesterol and triglycerides in the treated diabetic group. There was a significant improvement in hepatic glycogen level in treated diabetic rats close to normal level after the treatment with M. cymbalaria. These results suggest that the M. cymbalaria fruit powder possesses antidiabetic and hypolipidemic effects in alloxan-induced diabetic rats.