Antilupus activity of copper (II).


Jendryczko A, Drozdz M, Magner K.




Exp Pathol


Collagen-like syndrome was induced in rats by oral hydralazine administration during 5 months. After 4 months, a subgroup of rats was shifted from the standard diet to the diet supplemented with copper (II) (60 micrograms of copper per g of pellet) as copper sulphate. A decreased serum copper concentration was noted, LE cells were observed in the blood of 75% of rats fed with standard diet. In the subgroup of copper supplemented rats, the LE cells were observed in 40% of rats only. The activity of superoxide dismutase, the antioxidative copper-dependent enzyme, was significantly lower in erythrocytes of rats fed with standard diet, than the activity in rats fed with copper supplemented diet. These results are briefly discussed.