Some new biochemical knowledge on the effect of nutritional factors on brain function


Kolb E




Z Gesamte Inn Med


A survey is given of the importance of the sufficient supply of the brain with amino acids, with glucose, fatty substances (in particular with linoleic acid), with vitamins (A, E, B1, B2, B6, nicotinamide, choline, B12), with mineral substances and with trace elements (in particular with Fe, Zn, and Cu), taking into particular consideration findings of animal experiments. The transport capacity for the transfer of the substrates and essential nutritional factors into the nerve cells is different. In a high activity the formation of noradrenaline, of acetyl choline and of serotonin is in certain nerve cells influenced by the size of the uptake of the molecules necessary for this. By a protein-rich nutrition the formation of the noradrenaline and acetyl choline which are important for the maintenance of the waking state, by a carbohydrate-rich diet the formation of the serotonin which is among others important for the evocation of sleep are furthered.