Ex vivo and in vivo investigations of picroliv from Picrorhiza kurroa in an alcohol intoxication model in rats.


Saraswat B, Visen PK, Patnaik GK




J Ethnopharmacol


Picroliv, the active constituent isolated from the plant Picrorhiza kurroa, was evaluated as a hepatoprotective agent against ethanol- induced hepatic injury in rats. Alcohol feeding (3.75 g/kg x45 days) produced 20-114% alteration in selected serum (AST, ALT and ALP) and liver markers (lipid, glycogen and protein). Further, it reduced the viability (44-48%) of isolated hepatocytes (ex vivo) as assessed by Trypan blue exclusion and rate of oxygen uptake. Its effect was also seen on specific alcohol-metabolizing enzymes (aldehyde dehydrogenase, 41%; acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, 52%) in rat hepatocytes. The levels of these enzymes were found to be reduced in the cells following alcohol intoxication. Ethyl alcohol also produced cholestasis (41-53%), as indicated by reduction in bile volume, bile salts and bile acids. Picroliv treatment (3-12 mg/kg p.o. x45 days) restored the altered parameters in a dose-dependent manner (36-100%).