Bone-resorption markers galactosyl hydroxylysine, pyridinium crosslinks, and hydroxyproline compared.


Bettica P, Moro L, Robins SP, Taylor AK, Talbot J, Singer FR, Baylink DJ.




Clin Chem


We compared the clinical performances of four bone-resorption (BR) assays (hydroxyproline, HYP; galactosyl hydroxylysine, GHYL; deoxypyridinoline, DPD; and pyridinoline, PYD) in subjects with different BR rates: normal (adult men and premenopausal women), mildly increased (postmenopausal osteoporotic women), high (Paget disease patients), and very high (children). The discrimination power (Z score) and the accuracy (estimated by receiver-operating characteristic analysis) for GHYL, DPD, and PYD were compared with those for HYP. Discrimination power and accuracy were similar for high- and very-high-BR groups for all four assays. However in the mildly increased-BR group, DPD, GHYL, and PYD showed a higher discrimination power and accuracy than did HYP. The clinical performances of HYP, DPD, GHYL, and PYD are comparable for large changes in BR. For modest changes, DPD, GHYL, and PYD are more accurate and have a higher discrimination power than does HYP.