[The influence of thyroid diseases and their treatment on the development of osteoporosis]


Ciesielska-Kopacz N, Kos-Kudla B, Pluskiewicz W.




Przegl Lek


Thyroid diseases and their treatment may influence osseous system. This work deals the problem of hyperthyreosis, hypothyreosis and thyroid hormones therapy with osteoporosis. There is reduced bone mass in hyperthyroid patients. Process of restoring lost bone matrix is not reached with euthyroid state, but lasts longer. Changes in bone mass in hypothyreosis are not of such clinical significance as in hyperthyreosis. Other problem is an influence of thyroid hormones therapy on mineral bone density. Data from literature dealing with this problem are divergent. Control thyroxin therapy with TSH level in normal range may diminish unprofitable influence on bone. Early diagnosis of osteoporosis has also substantial importance. Non-invasive methods play an important role.