Interaction policosanol-warfarin on bleeding time and thrombosis in rats.


Carbajal D, Arruzazabala ML, Valdes S, Mas R




Pharmacol Res


Policosanol is a cholesterol-lowering drug with hypocholesterolemic effects demonstrated in experimental models, healthy volunteers and type II hypercholesterolemic patients. In addition, antiplatelet effects of policosanol have been shown in experimental models and healthy volunteers. This study investigated the effects of the concomitant administration of policosanol and warfarin on bleeding time and experimentally-induced venous thrombosis in rats. Policosanol did not change the bleeding time, meanwhile warfarin alone and the combination policosanol + warfarin induced a moderate, but significant prolongation of the bleeding time. The addition of policosanol to warfarin therapy did not enhance the prolongation of the bleeding time induced by warfarin alone. A significant reduction of thrombus weight was observed after policosanol or warfarin monotherapies. When the combination was used instead of either drug alone, no significant benefits were observed on the reduction of thrombus weight.