Combined extracts of Urtica dioica and Pygeum africanum in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: double-blind comparison of two doses.


Krzeski T, Kazon M, Borkowski A




Clin Ther


The 134 patients (aged 53 to 84 years) with symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia were drawn from two medical centers in Warsaw. The patients were randomly assigned to receive two capsules of the standard dose of an urtica/pygeum preparation (300 mg of Urtica dioica root extract combined with 25 mg of Pygeum africanum bark extract) or two capsules containing half the standard dose twice daily for 8 weeks. After 28 days' treatment, urine flow, residual urine, and nycturia were significantly reduced in both treatment groups. After 56 days' treatment, further significant decreases were found in residual urine (half-dose group) and in nycturia (both groups). There were no between-group differences in these measures of efficacy. Five patients reported adverse effects of treatment; treatment was not discontinued in any patient because of side effects. It is concluded that half doses of the urtica/pygeum extract are as safe and effective as the recommended full doses.