Serum iron, zinc, copper, selenium, and bromide concentrations after coronary bypass operation


Antila H




JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr


The effect of surgical trauma on serum trace elements was studied in 10 patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery. After the initial decrease due to the hemodilution during operation serum iron, zinc, copper and selenium remained depressed for the immediate postoperative period. Zinc was still at significantly lower level 2 months after the operation. Low serum iron values were also observed. Changes in trace element concentrations were parallel with changes in the concentrations of their transport and binding proteins in the serum. The multielemental technique also measured nonessential bromide, which returned to initial levels in 7 days. Effects of trauma on metabolism, acute phase reaction with redistribution of zinc and copper and losses via increased urinary excretion explain the above changes. Development of a subclinical deficiency of zinc and possibly iron is suggested by the persistence of low serum levels during recovery after operation.