Mechanisms and Therapeutic Effect of Cordyceps sinensis (CS) on Aminoglycoside Induced Acute Renal Failure (ARF) in Rats


Zhen F




Chung Kuo Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih


Nephrotoxic ARF model of rat was induced by IP injection of either Gentamycin or Kanamycin and treated with CS. The results of study showed that the simultaneous administration of CS with Gentamycin could protect the proximal tubular cells from Gentamycin toxicity and the use of CS after the establishment of Kanamycin nephrotoxic ARF could prompt an earlier recovery from ARF as compared with the control group. The possible mechanisms of CS on ARF include: (1) protecting tubular cell sodium pump activity; (2) attenuating tubular cell lysosome overfunction stimulated by phagocytosis of aminoglycoside; (3) decreasing tubular cell lipoperoxidation in response to toxic injury.