Serum vitamin E levels negatively correlate with severity of age- related macular degeneration.


Belda JI, Roma J, Vilela C




Mech Ageing Dev


Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) pathogenesis has been related to UV radiation and other factors that may promote increased oxidative damage to the retina. Patients with different AMD grading (n = 25) were compared with an age-matched group of AMD-free subjects (n = 15), both groups older than 60 years. A modification of the AMD grading system is proposed that allows patient grading and not single eye grading. AMD patients showed statistically significant lower serum levels of vitamin E and Zn than AMD-free subjects. Moreover, a negative correlation (Spearman's correlation coefficient r = -0.815, P < 0.001) could be established between AMD grading of both the patients' eyes and serum vitamin E levels. Sun exposure index (SEI) was also compared and found to be significantly higher in the AMD group. The results presented establish the importance of antioxidants in AMD, and set the basis for further studies on adjuvant therapies with antioxidants for AMD. Finally, the results also confirm the pathogenic role of UV radiation in AMD.