Characteristics of lactobacillus species strains isolated from reproductive organs in various clinical cases


Kasprowicz A, Bialecka A




Med Dosw Mikrobiol


The study was aimed at detection of presence of Lactobacillus species bacteria in 167 samples of material derived from vagina of patients with cervix uteri (22 samples), chronic vaginosis (100 samples) and from women after treatment of inflammatory diseases (45 samples). Out of 100 isolated strains of Lactobacillus only 13 belonged to L. acidophilus. They were mainly present (10 strains) in patients after effective treatment of inflammatory diseases of reproductive organs. Remaining strains belonged to L. jensenii (18 strains) and Lactobacillus sp. (69 strains) and did not cleave glycogen. This was detected by quantitative determinations of lactic acid in cultures of these bacteria in the fluid media containing 0.25% of glycogen. It seems that treatment of bacterial infections of reproductive organs should be concentrated on not only elimination of pathogenic bacteria, but also on noneffective strains from Lactobacillus species (strains unable to cleave glycogen with production of lactic acid).