An effective method of treating long-enduring wounds and ulcers by topical applications of solutions of nutrients.


Silvetti AN




J Dermatol Surg Oncol


A safe and effective method of improving repair and controlling infection of wounds is presented. It consists of debridement daily and application topically of a balanced solution of salts, amino acids, a high-molecular weight, D-glucose polysaccharide, and ascorbic acid. Wounds of several causes were treated, namely, second- and third-degree thermal burns, decubitus, varicose, and stasis ulcers, and diabetic lesions. Local infection was controlled early and the majority of the cases responded with quick formation of highly vascular, smooth, infection-free granulation tissue and centripetal epithelial growth. Small- and medium-sized lesions healed spontaneously in 4 to 8 weeks. Larger lesions were readily managed with autografts of skin as soon as satisfactory beds were obtained.